7 Reasons to Buy

There are a whole lot of smart reasons why you should get into the Penticton real estate market and buy a home here in the Okanagan. Here is my list of the top seven reasons why you should buy somewhere here in the Sunny Okanagan such as Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Kaleden, Oliver, or Osoyoos.

1)  Stop Renting

The number one reason why you should buy yourself a nice piece of real estate in the Okanagan is that you need a place to live and if your renting you are practically throwing money down the drain. What a waste! Pay off your own mortgage instead of  your landlord. Rent is so high these days that you might actually be surprised that it can often be cheaper to buy than to rent here in Penticton, plus you don’t have to worry about your mortgage payment suddenly going up like your rent sometime does.

2)  Feeling Safe and Sound

I used to absolutely hate it when I was all settled into a rental property and spend all kinds of time fixing it up and making the yard nice when all of a sudden the landlord tells me that he has either sold the property or he wants to put it on the market. What a hassle! What I considered my own was literally being sold out from under my feet. Plus I had no privacy, because real estate agents were coming and going. I hate wasting money on rent, but I don’t know what is worst giving money to a landlord or not having a sense of a sense of security. I tell you owning your own home sure gives you a peace of mind that you can never have as a renter.

3) The Best Investment You Can Make

Over time real estate always goes up. Like I said earlier you need a place to live, and why not take advantage of having a home that is a long term investment. Purchasing real estate in the Okanagan is the smartest financial move you can make. Once you have built up some equity in your home you can build up your real estate portfolio buy purchasing a second home that you can rent out. By following this formula you can realistically become a millionaire in 10-15 years. Trust me there is no better way to make money than in real estate.

4) At The Moment Interest Rates Are Low

Who is to say when interest rates could change? Right now we have some really great interest rates and this will help you as a first time home buyer in Penticton. There is no better time than the present to become a home owner and lock in a low interest rate.

5)  It Feels Good!

Buying your own home is exciting. For me it was the most exciting thing I had ever done.  Saving up the down payment and then purchasing your own home is an accomplishment that you should be proud of, even if it is a little run down starter home, apartment, or a condo. It is yours and darn that feels great!

6) Freedom

You are free to do what you want in your own home, whether you want to paint the walls in pink and black zebra or put carpet on the ceiling (not recommended of course!) You have the freedom to express yourself and your personal tastes and change the house to suit your needs. You can hang as many pictures as you want and do renovations as you please. Just keep in mind that when you are ready to sell your home, not everyone may like what you do.

7) Sense of Community
Owning a house in beautiful Penticton gives you a feeling of belonging in that neighborhood and gives you the sense of putting down roots and getting established. There are also many neighborhood groups that you can become involved in, and if you have children it may be of benefit for schools and friends.