Could Waterslides Be Making a Comeback in Penticton?

February 18, 2016
Penticton Waterslide

Penticton Waterslide

Growing up in Penticton one of the funnest and most memorable experiences I had was going to the waterslides in Penticton. These slides were a big hit, very popular and very busy, but I guess the real estate they were on was worth more as housing developments and sadly both of they waterslides were closed.

Now the latest news in Penticton is a proposal for a temporary waterslide that will be open from July 1 and 2 as part of the Canada Day celebrations. This giant waterslide is the length of 3 football fields and will be set p on the street running down Vancouver Ave. 

The water slide will be “powered” from water from fire hydrants and recycled. Some people voiced concerns regarding the usage of water during droughts, but all I have to say about that is look at both ends of the city and what do you see – Two giant lakes – I am sure we are going to be all right even when water restrictions are being enforced in the city.

In addition to the water slide dubbed “Slide The City” there will also be DJ’s to enhance the fun atmosphere. You can expect to pay between $10 and $60 to use the slide with the upper end of the price scale to include a souvenir.

That isn’t the only news as far as water slides goes in the City Of Penticton. A highly controversial plan to turn Skaha Park into a waterslide has met a lot of opposition as it would be built on land owned by the City of Penticton and leased to a private company, plus the beautiful park land, which is well used by residents and tourists alike, would lose several trees. 

How these waterslide proposals will effect real estate in Penticton still remains to be seen. Personally I hate to see the City lose a park that I use regularly, but I also like the idea of creating more family entertainment in Penticton.

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