Find Out How Much Your Penticton Property Is Worth

September 1, 2015

Penticton Okanagan Area

If you are wondering how much your Penticton property is worth there are a couple of ways to find out.

The Hard Way

The first way is a little hard on the pocket book but it is the method that the banks would use to estimate the value of your property and that is to pay an appraiser.

If you are not to keen on forking out your hard earned cash then here are some resources you can use to get an idea of how much your place is worth:

#1 The National Average Price Map will give you a rough idea of property values, as will the MLS Home Price Index. Use these two resources along with more specific information you will get with addition research.

#2 Head on over to e-valueBC. Anyone can use this service, all you need is the property address, roll number, or plan number for the property you would like to view.

#3 To get the same information that a professional appraiser would use then visit The Property Valuator. There is a small fee of $29.95 (+HST/GST), which isn’t too bad considering that the information you get from here will be excepted by your bank or lending institution in the event that you are trying to get a loan.

The Easy Way

Talk to a Real Estate Agent. Due to the nature of their business a Realtor in you neighborhood will be one of the best resources you can use. They will be able to tell you how much other homes in your area have sold for and give you an excellent idea of how much your property would would be worth in today’s market.

Another simple way to find out how much your Penticton home value is would be to visit Penticton Home Values – Just enter your address to get started. The information you get from this online resource won’t compare to what a knowledgeable Realtor can tell you about your property so if your serious definitely get in contact with a Realtor in your area.

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